Oxygen Plant Oxygen Nitrogen Plants
Our impeccable Gas Plants & Equipments are conducive to fast & profitable industrial growth of the world. Moreover, our Customer Care and Delivery services are rather prompt & punctual, with excellent after-sale services
Oxygen Plant

High Purity PSA/VPSA Generators

we manufacture high purity oxygen generators upto 98% to 99% purity with cylinder fillling.

Liquid Nitrogen Plants

we manufacture ultra high purity liquid nitrogen generators up2 99.999% purity for cocacola and juice bottlers.

Liquid Tanks

we manufacture liquid storage and transport tanks from 40 liters upto 200,000 liters.

Tonnage Low Pressure Plants

we manufacture tonnage/ urbo oxygen-nitrogen & argon plants from 10tpd upto 500tpd.

Company Profile

Our Company was established in 1985 by technocrat Mr. Sanjiv Agarwal who is a qualified Chemical Engineer & specialised professional in the design & manufacture of oxygen & nitrogen production plants & was trained under Dr.Boschi of Italy. We commenced manufacturing of nitrogen & oxygen production plant at our factory at New Delhi in 1985 and air seperation columns in Genova, Italy.


Very simple to operate
No raw material is required
Trouble free operation for years (German design)
Easy availability of spare parts
Low power consumption
Production of oxygen, nitrogen & acetylene simultaneously without use of bulky gas holders.
Latest molecular sieve technology without recurring cost of chemicals
Oxygen Plants, Nitrogen Plants, and Acetylene Plants also in stainless steel column.